Wasabi Bistro

Located on the ground floor of the Mandarin Oriental (but not belonging to the hotel) the bistro has an elegant and contemporary interior accessorized with the traditional fixtures one would expect to see in any respectable Japanese outlet, and exudes a classy and cosy atmosphere.The restaurant is whelmed by the Japanese owner and chef where you can be rest assured on the quality of the food and dishes.

Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur  

+60 (3) 2163 0968

LUNCH 12 – 2:30pm DINNER 6 – 10:30pm  

The petite size of their signature delights (Kumi, Ahi Poke, Horenso-Goma, Tamago-Yaki, Steamed Prawn & Sweet Walnut) with the great presentation does not fail to impress us. Started with one of it’s signature Kumi #1 where the delights comes from the chef’s grandmother recipe. The tasty crabmeat with avocado is being wrapped with white fish fillet and t is then being oven baked together with Kumi’s delicious sauce. As for the Ahi Poke, it is amazingly sweet and indeed melts in the mouth with the freshness of Hawaiian-style marinated tuna sashimi. Not forgotten, the Hawaiian Style, Horenso-Goma is beautifully presented where the blenched spinach is being added with the black sesame. The hint of sesame is significant and brings up the whole blend of delights. Tamago-yaki however is simply a smooth temptation where the steam prawns being prepared on a skewer where the sweet coated walnuts. The tamogo yaki brings us with the impressive flavors in it where it is soft and silky with the fresh prawns in it. Comes with the crunchy bites of walnuts, the overall bites is so perfect where our heart melted with the delicious dining.

RM62 2 years ago


Uniquely presented in a pot where the hearty warm bowl of the clear soup is bringing us the soothing aroma with the wholesome variety of mushroom in it- from the fresh shitake mushroom, button mushroom and also the enoki mushroom. Added with the squeeze of lime in it; it make us with the different blend where the taste comes more refreshing and delectable. A great one to try off!

RM28.00 2 years ago


Graciously presented bowl of sushi is indeed a great one. Comes with the salmon, salmon belly, kimidai, chutoro, ika, uni and Hamachi and decorated on top of a bed of ice, the sashimi is so fresh. Eat them as it is without adding any soy sauce; you can taste the sweetness of the sashimi itself. If you love to get a kick of umph in your sashimi, add with their homemade wasabi on top.

RM 380 2 years ago


Served in an earthen platter, this is a dish of Japanese rice with sliced scallops and mushrooms baked in a special spicy sauce for the added zing! Slight spiciness but pretty addictive; the dish is so appetizing where I love the bites of the fish roe which comes pretty addictive to bite them together.

RM35.00 2 years ago


Where there are 3 types of sushi in it – Rainbow Roll; Soft-shell Crab Roll and the Salmon Mango Roll. Beautifully presented on our table; the deliciously done temptations are indeed well rolled and each mouthful of the sushi comes moist on the rice itself . Each of it is so well done and it’s so good even with our fulled tummy; we managed to finish the awesome sushi. Yummi-licious!

Rainbow Roll (RM52.00); Soft-shell Crab Roll (RM38.00); Salmon Mango Roll (RM43.00) 2 years ago


Another signature here in Wasabi Bistro to end our oishi meals of the day. The tempura ice cream where the ice cream had been breadcrumbs and then it is being deep fried till golden brown. Crispy at the outer layer with the chilling fragrant green tea ice cream in it; the taste is simply good and thumbs up.

RM 25.00 2 years ago