Wah Fung Snack Shop

Being in the little village of Hong Kong – Tai-O , the fishermen village which might be disappearing in 5-10 years time, we held to visit the little fisherman village during our Hong Kong trip. In here, walking on the wood plank with the stinky smells of seafood all the way, the visit is indeed an eye-opener. Since we are following tour for the trip itself, time is pretty limited and we do not get a chance to try out the seafood there. So, we have tried some of the snacks around the town. One of the shops we visited is Wah Fung Snack Shop.





The Saitoo fish ball is pretty huge in size and it is served 2 in a stick. Soaked in the curry paste, the stick of saitoo fish ball is pretty messy too. The bouncy texture of the fish ball is really nice and it is pretty addictive too.

HK12 2 years ago


Where inside they have a variety of ingredients in one bowl. Filled with squids, radish, taro, sweet potatoes and also some fish balls in it, the bowl of ingredients is soaked with the combination of curry paste as well as sweet sauce together. Not spicy though, the portion is pretty a big one and addictive too.

HKD 30 2 years ago


Serving in a wooden pot itself, the tau fu fah have a light scent ginger in it. The texture is smooth and each mouthful of it completely melts in my mouth. Delicious!