Tsim Chai Kee 沾仔记

Since we are in Central after our trip to Pottinger Street, we went to have a try on restaurant nearby. Located in Central, Hong Kong the restaurant is pretty easy to be spotted. Basically, we know the 2 famous one is Mak Siew Kee which I had it on our first day during our trip in The Peak. As so, we headed for Tsim Chai Noodles (沾仔記) for this round. Tsim Chai Kee is purdy popular in Hong Kong among both locals and tourists and it was recommended in the 2010 Michelin Guide.

98 Wellington St, Central, Hong Kong  

+852 2850 6471

11am to 9:30pm daily  

Which comes with 3 different ingredients. This comes with the wanton, fresh minced fish ball as well as fresh sliced beef all in one bowl. The sliced beef is just perfectly done, and flavorful while the wanton comes huge and filled with prawns inside.Soup were pretty flavorful too. But, the noodles have as light “kan sui” taste which led to a light disappointment.

HKD 32 2 years ago


With the huge wanton on top of the noodles itself. The King Prawn Wantons are big compared to their competitors. They definitely are not stingy with their prawns.

HKD 23.00 2 years ago