Trumpet: Bangkok Street Eats

A new Thai Restaurant in Oasis Damansara, here goes Trumpets with the theme of Bangkok Street Eats. The restaurant armed by two chef who are Sukmee & Pimchanok, both reputedly veterans of Bangkok’s well-established Greyhound Cafe.

A-G-08, Oasis Square, 2, Jalan 1A/7A, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya  


Monday to Saturday 12pm - 10.30pm  

With the ample of delicacies and delicious delights here, you will be assured of the scrumptious Thai Delights which includes appetizers, soups, mains, noodles, as well as desserts. We started with the The Crib Combo where incomes in huge platters which includes the Fish Cake, Jacket Prawns, Vegetables Spring Rolls and also the Chicken Lollipop in a Platter. The platter is indeed a big one and every mouthful is divinely delicious especially the fish cake. Filled with the flavorful blend of aroma on the fish cake itself with the moist and tender texture. The taste is just awesome as what it should be.

RM 35 2 years ago


Comes spicy where it is topped with the chilly padi on top. With the kick of spiciness, it remains as my favorite dish as well. The slurpy sensations of the smooth glass noodles with the prawns, squids and chicken meat makes it even better. With the kick

RM 15 2 years ago


The deliciously done fish which is deep fried till golden brown is being served with the Green Mango Salad added with the lime juice on top. It is then being garnished with some cashewnuts, shredded onions and chilly padi for a kick of spiciness in it. The fish comes awesome where it is so crispy on its skin itself and every mouthful is divinely good.

RM 45 2 years ago


The generous portion of the famous noodles is giving us two thumbs up. The Phad Thai served with the scrumptious ingredients where they are filled with the rice noodles, stir fried eggs and chopped frm tofu, and it is the flavored with the tamarind pulp and fish sauce in it . Added into it include the dried shrimps, garlic or shallots, red chili pepper and raw banana flower. In here the Phad Thai is served with fresh shrimp. Nicely served.

RM 14 2 years ago


Instead of normal yellow noodles; we are being served with the kuay-tiew instead. The kick of the spicy tomyam together with the slurpy koay teow make a good combination. The spicy sensation topped with loads of ingredients like prawns, squid, mushrooms and more.

RM 14.00 2 years ago


The signature pineapple fried rice is well cooked with the great aroma with the added pineapple cubes with it. The pineapple fried rice deliciously done with squids, raisins as well as pineapple cubes. Decorated with fresh pineapples and topped with the cashew nut with it. The rice comes pretty moist and flavorful too. It is just as nice as it is which I would say a double thumb up on the dish itself.

RM 16.00 2 years ago


Which is the Mango Sticky Rice. The Mango Sticky Rice is as awesome where the glutinous rice is poured with the creamy coconut milk with it. Served with it is the awesome sweet mango slices.

RM 12 2 years ago


Another deliciously done desserts where the red rubies with Coconut Milk and Jackfruit. The creamy desserts which is served comes with generous amount of crisp red rubies as well as sweet jackfruit. The taste is just so awesome and every mouthful of the delights is so superb which I can’t say “NO” to it.

RM 10 2 years ago