Teh Tarik Place

Malaysian dishes come with many choices from the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Peranakan, Eurasians, and the indigenous peoples of Peninsular and East Malaysia. With that; you are assured that we are lucky to sample so much of choices of delights where you will be confidently pamper with burst of flavours in your meals. Teh Tarik Place is a definite place to look for where they comes with their new “Simply Sedap” promotion

Lower Ground Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia  




The Nasi Ambeng in Teh Tarik Place bring you with the great experiences where it is specially served in a plate with the with fragrant rice, along with other delicious condiments which includes tantalizing mee goreng mamak, a choice of ayam masak merah or ayam masak kicap, mouth-watering serunding kelapa, pajeri nenas and the customary ikan masin. Mix all the ingredients together and you will get a different blend of flavors and it is pretty unique too. Not too spicy; the dish brings us with the awesome blend and we complete indulge with it.

RM12.90 2 years ago


A different sets of laksa compared to curry laksa or even Penang laksa. Laksa Johor is served with the spaghetti in a unique Malay-style laksa broth made from fish paste, assortment of herbs, chilies and spices. The ala Malay laksa is lusciously done with the superb aroma and a light lick of spiciness. With the creamy blend of delights; it just sinfully addictive and awesome.

RM8.50 2 years ago


The awesome mee rebus comes well with the tangy, spicy brown gravy, this hearty noodle dish is beautifully garnished with lime, chilies, vegetables, hard boiled eggs, as well as crunchy deep fried fritters, prawn and chicken. The mee rebus brings us a savory taste with the slurpy noodles. Not only that; the deep fried fritters is so good which I wish they have more for me in the mee rebus.

RM7.50 2 years ago


The local favorites Indian style rojak is just awesome. Rest assured with their scrumptious ingredients that includes the juicy fried tofu, deep fried fritters, cucumbers and hard boiled eggs. It is then being drenched with the generous amount of sweet, thick and spicy peanut gravy. It is just perfect to share with friends for a great munch and enjoying some teh tarik.

RM 7.50 2 years ago