Softsrve Ice Cream & Dessert Bar

Looking for some delicious softserv and Sri Petaling has them all. Softsrve Ice cream brings you with a right here at Sri Petaling. Softsrve Ice Cream sets out with a bright and sleek environment, which is simply relaxing. The restaurant brings you with the white and pastel hue, backing on a frolicsome atmosphere. And this round, it is indeed a good match especially during hot day.

31, Jalan SS 21/1a, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia Mon-Sun: 12pm to 11pm  

03-7733 9515

Monday – Sunday 12:00PM – 23:00PM (Close on Last Monday of The Month)  


Oolongcha Flavoured Softsrve served with the caramelized Sunflower Seeds and Dried Pineapple Flower. The Oolongcha fragrant in the ice cream taste awesomely good with the velvety texture.

RM 12 2 years ago


One of their latest creation where you can have Milo Softsrve. When I first heard of it , it sounds interesting. And here the Milo Softsrve is served together with the Wafflers, Burn Butter Espresso Sauce, Chopped Nuts And Maple Syrup Sauce. The taste is much creamier but it is just a good match. Any Milo Fans Here? You should get a try of this.

RM 15 2 years ago


One of the best seller here. The Big Breakfast where they are served with the Maple Syrup, Egg Puffle, Chocolate Granola, Cereal Milk Softsrve, Caramelized Cereal, Earl Grey Ice Cream and the Chocolate Brownies (Usually served with Strawberries). I am just in love with the egg puffle which is heavenly. Crispy bites and it goes well with the softsrve. And what, I started dipping them with softsrve and enjoying them a lot.

RM 17 2 years ago


Love some sweet delights? You can enjoy their churros as well. Served with the choice of either with the dark chocolate sauce of the cinnamon caramel sauce. Love the crispy bites of it and I love the dipping of Cinnamon Caramel Sauce.

RM 10 2 years ago


Love some different softsrve? Try their unique softsrve where they collaborate together with Pop Up Dining and what more it is limited edition and available for a period of time. Le Petit Jardin started off as an idea to craft the new experience to enjoy the humble Softsrve where they elevate the way we consume ice cream and bring about a new lever of euphoric enjoyment. With the collaboration with Pop Up Dining KL , they decided to experiment all types of ingredients with different flavors, aromas, and texture and found the perfect combination within the 8 chosen ingredients. The Softsrve comes together with the Toasted Coconut Softsrve, Honey Rose Sponge, Citrus Curd, Bunga Telang (pea flower) Syrup, Taro Chips, Butter Crumble, Dill and Fried Shallots. I love how they combined to coconut softsrve with the few slices of fried shallots transform your taste-buds from savory to sweet. In fact, the coconut flavor lifts the shallots making you think this is a fried shallot softsrve instead.

rm 23 2 years ago


Have your delicious crème brulee where it is being toached and served on a toast. The toast comes simply creamy and yet appetising. Sides with their velvety ice cream with it.

RM 19 1 year ago


Perfectly done waffles where the batter is sweetened with hints of vanilla to make them good eaten just as it is or paired with their salted caramel ice creams and mixed fruits at the side.

RM18 1 year ago


It is such an Instagram friendly item to take. The watermelon sorbet comes very refreshing and the taste is simply good too. Love this.

RM 13.50 1 year ago