Sing Kee Chicken Rice

Sing Kee Chicken Rice is one of my chicken rice stall where they are located inside the Medan Selera MPPJ in Section 14. The small little stall which is operated by the a pair of husband and wife. The choices of their selection is not much but the friendly pair is serving a good selection of chicken, char siew and also siew yok .

Medan Selera MPPJ Section 14 Next to Digital Mall Section 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor  



Serving in large portion, the chicken brings us with the tender and juicy meat too. It is indeed melts in the mouth and every mouthful is perfect. Not only that, the butter rice which is served with the chicken rice is also fragrant. The taste is simply delectable and worth for the money.

RM 5.50 (drumstick) / RM 5.00 (normal) 2 years ago