Simmer Huang

The very first Imperial Chinese Cuisine all the way from Qing Dynasty, Simmer Huang (黃記煌) is one of a must to have the taste of the award winning simmer pot from Beijing with a hundred years of old secret recipes.

Lot 8.101.00, Level 8, Pavillion Elite, Kuala Lumpur, 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  

03-2110 0102

11 am - 10 pm  

Love how it is made. Enjoy the fresh succulent baby octopus together with the potato vermicelli and baby tomatoes. It is simply addictive especially the potato vermicelli. Nicely done and the taste is just awesome-licious.

RM 20 2 years ago


Addictively delicious, the roasted peanut is being served with the Chinese Vineger in it. The taste is simply addictive too.

RM8 2 years ago


These is another appetizing dish to be enjoyed too. The mushroom is thinly sliced and well marinated with the preserved vegetables.

RM15 2 years ago


One of the highlights of the restaurant. Simmer Huang pot is bringing you with you with the assorted vegetables well layered below and it is being well seasoned with the red dates vinegar, herbs powder and pepper in it. Then the main ingredients is being layered on top with the choice of beef, chicken, pork, frog, seafood and more. Then topped them with 4 types of sauces of your choice. The ingredients is completed with the scrumptious prawns, cod fish slices, cuttlefish and oysters. Simmered on the spot; the seafood is well absorb with the sauces and it is simply aromat

RM130 2 years ago


If you are looking for the healthy pot of some pork-licious meal in it, enjoy the pipping hot pork together with the mushrooms and fungus in it. For those who love spicy delights, you must have this where they served with the generous serving of pork belly, black fungus, oyster mushroom and king oyster mushroom. Impressively delicious and you can also add some soup to the pot when the sauce get thicken.

RM 110 2 years ago