Selera Coffee House

In Klana Seremban, I am also been surprised with their attractive menu and this time, we tried their ala-carte menu from their coffee house. Some of the new ala-carte menu which we had tried in their coffee house includes the Smoked Salmon Ceaser Salad, Lamb Mediterranean Braised Lamb Rib and more.

PT 4388 Jln Penghulu Cantik, Taman Tasik Seremban, 70100 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia  

(606) 766 7888 ext. 3222.

Saturday & Sunday Hi-Tea: 12.00nn - 5.00pm Saturday BBQ night: 7.00pm - 10.30pm  

The fresh Norwegian Salmon served with the fresh greenies is just perfect as it is. The salmon is just fresh which filled with the sweetness which comes from the fish itself and the combination with the ceaser dressing give me a pleasant taste which is refreshing.

RM 30 2 years ago


The Australian Lamb Ribs is being marinated and it is then being cooked based on Moroccan style. By using spices like paprika, coriander and other spices in the cooking of the Lamb ribs, it gives us a very flavorful taste with the tender and juicy lamb ribs.

RM 60.00 2 years ago


The whole chicken thigh is being well marinated with the Cajun spices and it is then being grilled. Served together with the bed of fries together as well the choice of BBQ and black pepper is also available.

RM 27.00 2 years ago


This dish is one of my favorite as the taste is simply unique and deliciously made. The gravy was not too spicy but it is thick and creamy too. The process of cooking the dish is quite hard where the dishes need to be cooked for one hour by using charcoal. With the hard cooking stye and using the olden ways of cooking, the dish is simply filled up with the aroma which is just perfect for the meal. The sambal and the rice was a perfect match where I love the fragrant coconut rice together with the spicy sambal which is paired together with it.

RM 23 2 years ago