Restoran Terapung Pulau Aman

It was a pretty sunny day and we decided to make a move to Pulau Aman for a short trip. I have been hearing about the restaurant terapung but haven’t got a chance to go there to have a try of their food. Since, I am back to my hometown for a week, we decided to get a day to visit Pulau Aman and get a taste of their famous mee udang and seafood of course. The journey to Pulau Aman takes about 45 minutes drives from the island itself.

120 Pulau Aman, 14100 Simpang Ampat, Penang, Malaysia.  

016-495 5125, 019-476 6125

11.00pm-9.00pm (daily)  

The restaurant terapung in Pulau Aman is one of the famous restaurant there where they served mee udang with huge prawns and it is fresh. Besides from mee udang, they do have fried rice, fried koay teow, fried bihun and more. A choice of “Special” or “ Regular” plate of food can be choose here where “special” comes with 3 huge prawns and “regular” comes with one

RM 10 (special) RM 6 (regular) 2 years ago


Comes with 3 huge prawns and it is being stir fried with lots of pepper in it. The fried rice gives a blend of light spiciness and the robust flavors from the prawns is really tempting.

RM 10.00 2 years ago


As for the bihun with 3 prawns, the texture comes slightly wet compare to the Chinese fried bihun. It is good in its taste too where the flavours are well infused in to the noodles where it’s taste bring us with the sweet prawn taste and also the light blend of tomato puree in it.

RM10.00 2 years ago