Paul Lafayet

Paul Lafayet is one of my favourite pasteries and my mind keep thinking about their awesome macarons, and also their crème brulee. Their French chef has acquired the savoir-faire of making every piece of heavenly delicacy by only iusing the finest ingredients like French chocolate, flour, cream and Spanish almond etc. Every piece of artisan pastry is 100% natural, freshly handmade every day and preservative free.

Shop 1104B, Podium Level One, ifc Mall, Central, Hong Kong  

2543 9800

MON – FRI 08:00 – 21:00 SAT – SUN 10:00 – 20:00  

We also love their Crème Brule where it is lightly singed caramel covers a chilled and subdued sweetness, and gives way with a crack to a fine custard that wobbles on the spoon. The aroma of eggs is palpable, but this cream tastes lighter than it looks, melting and wetting the tongue with a lingering aftertaste of buttermilk.


Their macarons are simply one of the tip top quality and every mouthful is awesomely good. They basically meltingly moist on the tongue, each macaron promises a world of its own as the crowning jewel of the French pâtisserie.