A long story about this outlet here, MTR1924 begins with the stories of 3 brothers – Parameshwara Maiya, Ganappayya Maiya and Yagnanarayana Maiya left a small, sleepy hamlet near Udupi in South Kanara, in search of greener pastures. Being proficient in cooking, they found employment as cooks in the homes of some prominent people of those times. In 1924, Parameshwara Maiya, with encouragement and assistance from his employer, decided to start a small restaurant on Lalbagh Fort Road in Bangalore, along with Ganappayya Maiya.

MTR 1924 Indian Food Kuala Lumpur No 69, Jalan Thambipillay, Brickfields 50470 KL  

03-2276 4924

Monday 8AM–3:30PM, 5–10:30PM Tuesday 8AM–3:30PM, 5–10:30PM Wednesday 8AM–3:30PM, 5–10:30PM Thursday 8AM–3:30PM, 5–10:30PM Friday 8AM–3:30PM, 5–10:30PM Saturday 8AM–10:30PM Sunday 8AM–10:30PM  

Enjoy the Bisi Bele Bhath is where this rice dish is made with lentils, assorted vegetables and spices, nutmeg, curry leaves and tamarind pulp. They are served with raitha. The taste comes with a light spicy taste and yet appetizing. Love it so much.

RM 6.50


Rava Ildy is one of the signature here where this steamed rice and black gram cakes. It is then being served with the green chutney & lentil sambhar. You can start something simple here and yet delicious. The rice iddy brings you with the fluffy and yet soft in texture. Nicely done!

RM 6


Uniquely done and this is my first time trying this. Enjoy the rice and black gram pancakes stuffed with spiced potatoes laced with ghee served with green chutney & sambhar. Inside the Masala Dosa, they are packed with the spiced potato filling and have the crunchiness on the skin itself. While the inside, you get the hint of light spiced potatoes in it.

RM 9


They do have Special meals as well every day. Some of the varieties which is available in their selection includes Vangi Bhath, Onion Pakoda, Bonda Soup, Benne Dosa,Tomato Bhath, Goli Bajji, Akki Roti and many more. The daily specials are served from 5 pm onwards daily. So, checkout their website for more information on their speciality.


Pudi Masala is where this delicious item is served and sprinkled with turmeric powder and it makes the dish more flavourful. The texture come simply soft!