Mankwon Whabap

Mankwon Whabap which is the barbecue specialist has been brought into Kuala Lumpur by the Korean family. All the way from Busan, Mankwon Whabap serves you with the variety of Korean delights which is not just delicious but also healthy.The wholesome Korean delights here is deliciously prepared by premium roasting techniques using charcoal together with their fermented sauces all the way from Korea. And in here, they comes up with a variety choices of Korean delights such as Whabap, Ramyeon, Topokki and Rappokki which are available ala-carte or in sets.

heras Leisure Mall, Jalan Manis 6, Taman Segar, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur  

017-455 2784

Daily : 10 am-10 pm  

Enjoy the healthy salad which is packed with flavours. The salad comes with a generous portion of greenies and some sliced strawberries with the barbecued chicken breast. The salad sauce is naturally made in-house with the combination of garlic, mustard and olive oil.

RM 9.90 (S)/ RM 18.90 ( L)


This is my first time having it. Enjoy the rappokki which is the combination of Tappokki and Ramyeon together. With the combination of both items; the dish is slightly heavy to me but it is deliciously done. You can have them in set at RM 26.90 where it comes with the small salad and a healthy cup of buckwheat tea. Other choices include the cheese rappokki, chicken rappokki and pork rappokki.

RM 16.90


For those who love ramyeon, enjoy the delicious ramyeon which is fragrantly done. I love the taste of the ramyeon where the noodles are springy as well as the soup comes with the light spiciness. Added with the charcoal grilled pork, the bowl of ramyeon comes even better and addictive.

RM 18.90 (ala-carte) / RM 28.90(set


For a person who never like Toppokki, we are loving this. The toppokki comes simply delicious with the bouncy texture. And the toppokki is topped with the generous portion of cheese on top. This is just so addictive.

RM 18.80


For those looking for some rice meal, they do have. You can have the Sutbull Chicken Bup , Sutbull Samgyeop Bap or the Sutbull Bulgogi Bap. It is serves with healthy bowl of rice topped with the greenies and chunks of meat.

RM 19.90 (ala-carte)/ RM 29.90 (set)