KyoChon 1991

Are you a big fans of fried chicken? Yessss, we all are !! And what’s more after watching the most talked about Korean drama – You Who Came From The Stars” (来自星星的你). We are pretty addicted to the Korean fried cchicken where in the drama itself; the actress are truly a big fans of fried chicken. And since then, we are getting crazy on searching the Korean fried chicken itself. By the name of Kyochon, it has the long history where their name itself means “chicken enlightenment”.. Kyochon have been in the market for over 10 years and they have up to 1000 flagship restaurant around Korea and this year, we are lucky to have the Korean fried chicken here in Malaysia without travelling over to Korea to sample them. Although Kyochon is a famous brands in South Korea; Kyochon is not a fast food outlet. This is because their chicken is not frozen; there’s stable service and they only cook to order which explains the 15 minutes wait.

1 Utama Shopping Centre LG 311, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, No1, Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.  


Monday – Sunday 10am to 10pm  

There are 3 types of flavours to choose for where they have original, the red series as well as the honey glazed to look for. Well, we started with the Original Soy Series where the series of chicken is pretty addictive. The deliciously crunchy and crispy chicken is being coated with their exclusive soy garlic glaze. Each mouthful of the chicken meat brings us with the complete juiciness which is really pampering our tummy. For those who would get the kick of spiciness and taking the challenge , try their piping hot red series where the chicken are being glazed with the original hot sauce which is made from their signature Korea hot sauce which made from red hot chilly pepper. I got one piece to try off and the taste is such a umpph. You can also get a try for their honey glazed chicken too. To me, the well glazed chicken brings us with the sweeter version.

Wing & Drumette: Rm9.90 (5 pcs). Rm19.80 (10 pcs). Rm39.50 (20 pcs). Drumstick: Rm9.90 (2 pcs). Rm19.80 (4 pcs). Rm39.50 (8 pcs). Mix: Rm8.90 (2wings+1stick). Rm17.80 (4+2). Rm35.50 (8+4). 2 years ago


Which look the same like other wedges when it is being served but what’s made the difference is the wedges does not come oily and it is still remained at its crispiness even though we had it half and hour later after the photo shoot. We are told that the Kyochon Seasoned Wedges are using the US based potato and they are being deep fried by using the Canola Oil. It is such a healthy dish to pamper us where you have no worries on calories though.

RM5.90 2 years ago


Where they comes with the healthy greens which is being tossed together with the citrus fruit base dressing which gives us a refreshing fruity zesty blend in it. Add just RM 6.00 to get additional chicken slices in your salad.

RM15.90 2 years ago


Made from the boneless chicken breast which is being coated in the special rice batter; it is then being deep fried till perfection. Though it is good to enjoy without any sauces; you can opt to have them with 3 choices of sauces like Jambalaya, Honey Mustard as well as you can try the spicy sauce- More Red (Spicy) Sauce together with it.

RM 43.50/ 20 strips; RM21.80/10 pcs and RM 10.90/5pcs 2 years ago


The bowl of rice that is being served with the hearty bowl of short grain rice and topping up with the cubes of Sal Sal boneless breast meat together with myriad of vegetables to complete the awesome delights.

RM 21.90 2 years ago


The grilled chicken is well done where the moist, juicy chicken is being char-grilled till perfection and served together with it is the sunnuy egg, salad and also the kim-chi rice. It is such an awesome delight where the kimchi rice comes well wonderfully with the grilled chicken. The kimchi rice is such a wonderful dish here unfortunately they do not served in ala-carte. In here, the kim chi is being aged for a day before it is being stir fried leaving the taste of kim chi is well absorb in to the rice promoting the fragrant taste of the kim chi itself.

RM 25.90 2 years ago


Where the dish preparation is indeed taking long hours which are where it took around 24 hours to marinate the chicken and to prepare the sauces. The great flavors of the delights are well absorb into the chicken leaving us with the fragrant blend.

RM21.90 2 years ago