Jarrod & Rawlins

Jarrod & Rawlins or more fondly called J&R by locals is a truly British Institution in Malaysia where they had started their business 10 years ago serving erving authentic, full english breakfast, steaks and pasta dishes. Located at a quiet side of Bangsar J&R is pretty easy to find where they are located along with some popular eateries at Midi 57; Madissons and more. The restaurant is very popular among the expat, as well as the locals.

No 63, Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, 50480 Kuala Lumpur  



For their breakfast menu, there is a choice of Weekday Breakfast which is served all day, while another Weekend Brunch Menu which is available from 8.30am till 3.00pm on weekend. Where it is famed as one of the best breakfast in town. The breakfast is available on both weekend and weekday breakfast menu. Filled your tummy with the generous hearty portion of the two eggs sunny side up with sausages, bacon, grilled tomato, mushrooms, baked beans, hash browns, toasted bread. Served your awesome heavy meal with coffee or tea and orange juice. With additional RM5.00; you may try the black pudding. Not alike pudding; the taste comes savory and moist and the taste is pretty good. Well, we wondered what they are until the J&R team told us that the black pudding is made up of pig’s blood together with some secret ingredients in it.

RM38.60 2 years ago


Available on weekend brunch, the egg benedict comes right with the silky texture with the awesome flavours. The two soft poached egg sits on top of the smoked salmon over the toasted bread. Drizzled with J&R Hollandaise sauce, it makes the whole dish even much flavourful. I love them so much with the rich, runny eggs. Awesome!

RM31.90 2 years ago


One of the recommended dish for dinner. Made from 100% crab meat, the crab meat is presented like a cake alike and being deep fried till golden brown. The addictive signature crab cakes gives us a crispy texture at the outside and inside is complete with juiciness and the fragrant blend of crab meat in it. Served together with a bed of spicy tomato salsa and rocket salad for a tangy twist.

RM29.40 2 years ago


The variety of cheese is laid on top of the wooden board where you can find Red wine goats cheese, cheddar and Picon blue, with dried apricots, crackers and Branstn pickle. Such a great combination for cheese lover to enjoy.

RM24.00 2 years ago


Not those usual usual carbonara, marinara and aglio olio base pasta but the pasta is inspired by the dry chilly pan mee style. The spaghetti cooked al-dente and generously served with bacon, mushrooms, leeks and fried anchioves. Topped with the soft poached egg and served with the side of crisp chily. It is such a lovely dish to orde with the creamy blend from the egg itself; as well as the light spiciness that comes with it. Nice!

RM27.30 2 years ago


Best for sharing, the baby back ribs comes well with the well marinated sauce and you will be sure to enjoy them. The meat is tenderly soft, juicy and with the charred sensation, it is such a divine to have it. It is served with the baked potato & coleslaw. I am pretty much love this and it’s so finger lickering good when enjoying the ribs.

Half slab RM48, full slab RM78 2 years ago


It is served together with the rocket salad, onion and spicy cucumber raita. The masala lamb skewers bring us with the more flavory texture and chewy bites.

RM31.50 2 years ago