James Foo

One of the history places for good Hainanese and Western Fare, James Foo had famed for its mixed grill, chicken chop and salmon steak. The place is indeed value for money and they are popular amoungs the families. All Seasons Place, a place I visited this round back to Penang with family where we had some good delights at James Foo which had their second outlet there. Located at the other corner across Giant Shopping Centre, the same row- James Foo is neverless packed too during the weekend too. The ambience of this place balances casual, fast food dining and cafe style.

6F1-1 All Season Place Leburaya Thean Teik Air Itam, Penang  




The sauce that drenched the deep-fried batter chop is a tad too tangy but the sweet and sourish sauce from the tomato lent a helping hand in terms of flavours. The batter coats the chop is both crispy and thick but tasty enough.

RM 9.50 2 years ago


Where the Grilled Pork is being served with Pineapple’s and Ham. The grilled pork comes with the complete juicilicious temptations where the pork is tender and moist. Every mouthful is so fantastic that we give two thumbs up on this. Awesome!

RM 11.00 2 years ago


Where the fish Maryland is complete with the juicilicous breadcrumb fish meat; a slice of ham, sausage and also deep fried banana. It is also being topped with French Fries, peas and coleslaw. The fish comes pretty juicy and moist leaving the crispiness of the breadcrumbs outside. Nice one.

RM 12.00 2 years ago


Huge platter of serving of a sliced fish and a thigh meat of chicken, it is being drenched with the awesome barbecue sauce with it. Served together with fries, peas and also a bun with it. It is worth for the money with the awesome platter which is being served.

RM12.00 2 years ago