In Colonial Restaurant

In Colonial ; a new kid on the block which is located at The Intermark is indeed a new place for great meal. The restaurant by the name of Incolonial is such a special name which I thought I am going for some Britian food. Get me wrong, Incolonial is a restaurant which served Pork Free Chinese Food with the ala-British ambience. Walking in the restaurant, we are greeted with a smile, lead to our seats and the simple menu is held to us. The restaurant brings us back to the 70s during the colonial time when the British is in Malaysia. Aside, they have partition and private rooms too to cater for business customers, family and more.

Ground Floor, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur  

(60) 03 - 2162 9033

11:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday - Sunday  

The prawn is well cooked with the delicious blend of sauce in it bringing the aromatic butter taste coated within the prawn. The prawns are cut into half and the taste of the fresh water prawns itself is just a sweet too. I would love to lick on the plate till its clean as the sauce is such an indulgence.

RM82 2 years ago


Which is being fillet and drenched with the sweet, sourish and spicy sauce on top. No bones found which is what I love the most where I can just chucked into my mouth once I dipped on the sauce itself. The fillet is not too big in side but the portion is good to serve for four. I just love it so much where it gives me the flavourful taste and very appetizing blend. I need some rice to accompany it so I can drench the sauce to my rice to enjoy too.

RM 42.00 2 years ago


The succulent meat with the tender and juicy texture is perfect to munch. It is well done on its rib eye itself even though the colors do not look much appetizing though. But, once a bite you are sure to fall in love in it.

RM58 2 years ago


The spring roll is being wrapped with the fresh vegetables like mengkuang, and being wrapped with the cheese. It is then being deep fried till golden brown leaving the crispy texture when you bite on it while in the inside, you can taste the creamy taste of cheese combined with the spring roll ingredients in it. Delicious!

RM16.00 2 years ago


The chicken is being deep fried till perfection and it is then being drenched with the butter sauce combine with some salted egg in it. The chicken meat brings us a tender and juicy texture while the sauce combined with it gives us the perfect bites and juiciness in it. It is a sinful addiction and it would be such a great bite to come with some beer too. The butter chicken is served together with some greenies as the side where the broccoli is well steamed. Perfect not too soft or not too hard, it is just perfect at its texture.

RM30 2 years ago


The duos which is served includes the prawns and also squids with it. Served hot with the blend of light spiciness, the dish is comes with fresh ingredients but portion is slightly small to be shared.

RM26 2 years ago


Sandwiched within with the beef, the sandwich is such a great bites if you love to get something lighter. The portion is good for one and each mouthful of the sandwich completes us with the juiciness of the meat itself.

RM28 2 years ago