Fatty Fatty AJ Kopitiam

Fatty Fatty AJ Kopitiam which we spotted not long ago has a variety of delights to try off. The kopitiam comes with the variety choices of food from chicken rice to penang Asam Laksa, char koay teow, bak kut teh and more. The kopitiam is filled with so many choices to go for and we are pretty undecided what to have.

Jalan Medan Putra 1, Bandar Sri Manajalara, Kepong, 52200  



Well stirfried with the wok hei in it and also added with plentiful of beansprout and egg with it. Filled with wok hei with the soft moist texture in it and crispy edges. Lovely.

RM 4.00 2 years ago


It is pretty well done with the moist texture of the chicken itself and the juiciness of the chicken is there. As the rice; nothing much to shout about.

RM 5.00 2 years ago


Barbecue till perfection with the scent of crispiness; it is then added on top with the spicy sauce to give a touch of umpph with it. The taste is simply delectable and delicious too.

RM 7.50 2 years ago