Bursting with the hawker food, there are too much to go whenever you are in Penang. One of the famous Koay Teow Th’ng in town where wehad visited for 2 rounds before we can have our seats. Trust me, it is so popular that even though they officially close at 2 pm, they usually sell out fast. Patiently waited for at least 40 minutes, our koay teow soup is being served and it is worth for it.

By The Roadside of Loring Ngah Aboo Off Lebuh Kimberly Pulau Pinang  


Open from 7am onwards  

In here, they serves the duck koay teow th’ng and the broth comes light and substantial, truly tasting the main ingredients. And what make them so famous? Is their fishballs and we heard that many customers inclusive tourists travel all the way to try their famous fish balls. These fish balls are amazingly good and extraordinary as they made it using eel meat. The texture of the fish balls neither boucy or springy, but the bites is simply full with satisfaction. The noodles comes velvety good and is slurps in to your throat easily.

RM 5 2 years ago