deButchery Whisky and Wine Lounge

Located within the cool and swanky Publika Shopping Centre, here you go with the deButchery Whisky & Wine Lounge where it brings you with the stylish steakhouse, bar and lounge where they feature a comprehensive contemporary menu with prices starting at just RM 8 where it is just perfect for every social event. Becoming one of the exciting culinary and entertainment scene, the steakhouse and the entertainment scene is something to look forward where it is located in the beautiful location which is at the ground floor of the shopping gallery. With the spacious indoor and outdoor scene, one can enjoy those tantalizing dishes from meats, steaks and more. It is also surrounded by brick partition and dark wood accents, deButchery boasts an intimate and sophisticated setting that’s flanked with bring colored walls and decorative items. With the marbled pale grey cement counter-top line the bar in front while a bar top cigar humidor; it is indeed added a touch to the space.

A1.G2.06, Ground Floor, Publika, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1, Segambut, Kuala Lumpur 50480  

+60 17-968 5766

Sunday 11AM–12AM Monday 3PM–2AM Tuesday 3PM–2AM Wednesday 3PM–2AM Thursday 3PM–2AM Friday 3PM–2AM Saturday 11AM–2AM  

Enjoy the plate of goodies. The wild button mushrooms are being sauteed with sweet aromatic basil and served with the garlic bread. The appetizing sautéed mushrooms with flavorful taste in it comes awesomely good and delicious. The fragrance of the sautéed mushroom and slices of it; just so good

RM 15 2 years ago


The tender and crispy chicken strips is well tossed with the chilly padi, curry leaves and also the salted egg yolk.. The dish is simply fragrant with the light twist of spiciness in it. The chicken meat comes simply tender and juicy which give a plus point to it.

RM 18 2 years ago


A twist of fusion, the spaghetti is being cook al-dente and served with the sambal prawn, broccoli and also the spring onions. Each of every item makes a good match leaving you with a luxury meal and also a hot burning sensation. But indeed addictive!

RM 32 2 years ago


The lovely smoked duck breast is served with the Arugula Salad, Marinated Orange and served with the roasted potatoes with the pineapple jam. The dish comes simply awesome ! Where I love the taste of juiciness of the duck breast meat.

RM 45 2 years ago


Enjoy the hearty juicy ribeye where the meat comes awesomely good and tender. Complete with the juiciness in it. With the selection of 250g or 300g, you obviously will enjoy till the fullest with the tender juicy meat. Add some grilled king prawns which is served with the garlic butter sauce (RM 18) where it brings you with the pluppy moist prawns in it. You can also enjoy the ribeye with their choices of 2 sides with their 6 selections ( Crunchy Fries, Green beans with caramelized onions & roasted hazelnut, hand cut onion rings, home made mash, house green salad, Parmesan potato with garlic butter flat leaf parsley and sea salt flakes) . Topped them with your favorite sauce.

Ribeye (RM 70) with Surf & Turf (RM 18) 2 years ago


Ends them with the chocolate-licious chocolate volcano where every mouthful is packed with creamy chocolate and also a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Oh awesome-licious! Love the tasty delights of the molten chocolate cake

RM 16 2 years ago