Dancing Fish

Having the attractive name – Dancing Fish seemed to be a promising candidate which win over many hearts and of course mine too.

Lot T120, 121 & 122 285, Jalan Maarof 3rd Floor Bangsar Shopping Centre Bukit Bandaraya, 59000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  

+603 2095 6663


Monday – Sunday 11.30am till 10pm  

Where superbly bittersweet emping melinjo made from crushed nuts accompanied by the devilishly more-ish sambal terasi. The bitter taste of the nuts is well balanced with its famous fragrant sambal terasi.

RM 5.00 2 years ago


Where the graciously presented platter just melts my hearts when it is being served to us. The platter comes attractively with their famous charcoal grilled caramari, chicken satay, golden wrappers and the Belimbing Ikan Masin. The portion is a good one for sharing where the calamari comes fresh and complete with juiciness in it.

RM 38.00 2 years ago


Which the restaurant naming after it. Fresh from the tank; the nila fish is being deep fried till golden prawn with the graceful dancing position. Served together with the sambal terasi and kicap. The fish comes with the complete crispiness and retains its juiciness in it. With the technique of deep frying the fish comes so crispy where the bones can be eaten too. It is good to enjoy them with the restaurant’s nasi kuning berempah for a hearty meal.

RM 40.00 2 years ago


Another highlight in Dancing Fish; the young shoots of local jungle ferns are being served in the form of curry. The creamy blend of curry is well cooked together with the the turmeric, coconut milk and spices. Not too creamy but the fragrant of the gulai pucuk paku is so superb which we would love to get more refill of rice to accompanied it. Awesome!

RM 11.90 2 years ago


Where the Australian oxtail is being marinated and braised with the aromatic herbs and spices. It is then being barbecued over the charcoal embers to intensify the flavours. It is being served with their non spicy chili salad. The Buntut Belado Enak comes really impressive and complete with the smooth texture collagen with it. The juiciness and moist texture of the oxtail comes awesome with the loads of collagen with it.

RM 59.90 2 years ago


Where the fresh tiger prawns. Being that, the fresh prawns comes huge in size with the scrumptious moist and juicy bites. The sambal compliments well with the prawns adding some kick of spiciness. It is just perfect and being a big fans of prawns ; I would give a 2 thumbs up.

Seasonal Price 2 years ago


The crispy duck comes well with the great marination from the special mix of Balinese herbs and spices for 24 hours till the skin is complete with its crispiness. Then it is being served together with the salad and sauce. Not much to my favorite as the texture comes slightly tough and not moist enough.

RM 29.90/half duck 2 years ago


Made from fresh fruits without any artificial flavouring, milk or cream, the selections of gelato rotate on availability from durian, lychee, banana, strawberry and coconut. The lemongrass jelly with pop pops where in comes with the spheres filled with pure mango juice is also a lovely chilled dessert to refresh the palate. I love it so much.

RM 9.90 2 years ago


As for the chendol; well prepare and being all time Malaysian favorites I am pampered with the cold creamy coconut milk with the fragrant gula melaka syrups that comes with it. It melts not just my mouth but my heart too. The awesome chendol is just so good!