D Empire Art of Cuisine

Bringing you with the sense of Europen elegance to Pavilion, D Empire is indeed a great restaurant to visit. Chef-founder Dallan Tan is indeed bringing you with the fresh, quality ingredients and also a luxury feel.

D EMPIRE Art of Cuisine Lot 6.33 & 6.34, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur  

03-2110 6196


Open Daily: 10:00AM - 11:00PM  

Enjoy the delicious ingredients where they are using the premium ingredients where are the greenies are planted using the hydroponic technology. And not just that, the chicken is well marinated with the Cajun sauce and it is being marinated till perfection leaving the meat tender and juicy.

RM 18.90 2 years ago


Carefully selected, the escargot is being cooked ala-Italian Style, where it is being toasted with garlic, unsalted butter, herbs as well as the English parsley with it. The dish is simply impressive where the escargots are fresh and juicy and yet addictive.

RM 26.90 2 years ago


The braised lamb shank is being marinated for a day with their signature homemade spices. It is then being braised for 2 hours and they are served with the bed of seasonal vegetables, homemade mashed potatoes with the reduction of lamb gravy. And the dish is being served together with the mint sauce by the side.

RM 52.90 2 years ago


For those who are a big fans of pizza, this thin crust pizza is simply addictive where the pizza is completed with the grenierous portion of rocket salad on top. The salmon taste comes fresh and juicy and using their homemade dough, the pizza comes more impressive.


Enjoy the generous portion of risotto which is well cooked with the option of white wine in it. Topped with the generous portion of mussels, prawns and clams on top.

RM 39.90 2 years ago


One of my favorites of the day, the sea-bass is being grilled till perfection and leaves them with the flaky textures. The spicy coulis delights which is blend with the combination capers, olives, tomatoes and jalapenos in it.

RM 46.90 2 years ago


We ended with the awesome-licious desserts where we are pampered with those delicious desserts with the heavy hint of truffles in it. This is simply addictive and delicious and I bet you will definitely fall in love with it.

RM 17.90 nett 2 years ago