Cafe 9 Taste of Thai

Savor the taste of delight from the Land of Smiles (Cafe 9) with the authentic Thai flavors. Recently, there is a new café nearby the SS2 Mall that had captured my interest. Located just next to the famous nasi kandar shop, Cafe 9 brings you a cozy environment with the friendly staff. Not those impressive look of the high class Thai restaurant but food served is as good as they are.

No 27, Jalan 17/45 Seksyen 17, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia  

03-7932 2899

Mon: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm Wed-Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm  

Which comes in 5 pcs per plate. The crispy fish cakes is well marinated and it is then being deep fried till perfection. With the fragrant of lemon grass infused within the fish cake, the fish cake comes flavorful and it is indeed suits our tastebuds.

RM 15.90 2 years ago


With 5 pieces in a plate. We rarely find this in Thai restaurant but this is indeed a good one. The Thai flare spicy shrimp cakes is so juicilicious where each mouthful is completed with the moist texture of the shrimp cakes.

RM 18.90 2 years ago


The requisite flavors were all there and the kick of spiciness was just awesome. The ingredients were fresh and the salad had the perfect amount of dressing and generous lashings of peanuts and prawns with it.

RM 20.90 2 years ago


The soup is overwhelmed with the zing of flavors in it. The tom yam special goong comes interestingly good where the pleasing flavorful taste. The tomyam soup comes with the generous amount of ingredients like the slices of abalone mushroom, squids and prawns with it. The fiercy hot temptations is so delighting and I could not believe we are able to complete them but with few cups of water.

RM 25.90 2 years ago


One of its signature in Café 9. The fresh siakap is being is being steamed with the piping hot chili padi together with some lime with it. Graciously presented each bites of the fish come flaky and good. The fish is simply fresh and brings up the sourish temptations in it. The taste is incredibly good and it goes pretty well with rice. The sourish and the spicy kick combined together makes it even more flavorful.

RM 42.90 2 years ago


Is another delights which is being offered in Café 9. Instead of the creamy style of green curry, the curry comes little diluted but it’s taste is still as good as it is. It can accompany with the rice and the taste is just as good as it is.

RM18.90 2 years ago


Served graciously inside the coconut; the curry seafood is deliciously done. The curry comes pretty good and not too thick. The flavorful blend with the fresh seafood that comes with it.


The taste is something worth to order at Cafe 9 where the chicken meat comes pretty tender and juicy and the gravy comes thick and milky too. Well absorb in the curry taste; the overall taste was absolutely two thumbs up.