Bijan opened its doors in September 2003 to offer a unique dining experience to discerning palates. The Bijan experience is modern in presentation yet wholesome in flavour. Traditional Malay cuisine is taken out of hawker stalls and buffet lines, and served against a lush backdrop. Modern in its surroundings with distinctive Asian accents, Bijan is warm, yet chic; intimate yet spacious.

Bijan . Bar & Restaurant . Fine Malay Cuisine No 3 Jalan Ceylon 50200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia  

603 2031 3575

Monday to Sunday from 4:30pm to 11pm  

The amazingly good delicious delights comes simply good. Enjoy the cucur udang, popiah goreng, satay and also acar tauhu. The delicious choices of appetisers is indeed mouth-watering and good.

RM 36 2 years ago


The wholesome meal indeed. The chicken is well deep fried till perfection and leave you with the crispy and yet moist texture of the meat. Every mouthful is amazingly good and it is sides with the spicy tomato sambal.

RM 30 2 years ago


Enjoy the delicious ikan siakap fillets which is simmered in a thick turmeric curry with the fresh tomatoes and sour carambola. The siakap fish were fresh and flaky. The curry brings you a blend of creamy taste and very appetizing.

RM 45 2 years ago


One of the signature in Bijan is of course the prawns. The curry is indeed a good one with the creamy taste and well-cooked till perfection with the chunks of pineapple and coconut milk together. Every mouthful is simply delicious and I love the creamy based of coconut milk.

RM 50 2 years ago


It is something worth to order and is the signature in Bijan. Using the premium short ribs, they are well marinated and chargrilled till perfection. Served together with the pegedil, soy sauce, and also sambal belachan together.

RM 72 2 years ago


Whenever I heard about Gula Sago Melaka, I like “YES” I must have them and this is one of the famous classic delights. The chilled sago which is served with the coconut milk and palm sugar syrup. Awesomely good.

RM 10 2 years ago


The rich cheesecake with the mascarpone, cream , cheese and generous portion of the creamy durian on a chocolate biscuit base is indeed a double thumbs up. The aromatic durian flavours can be tasted.

RM 15 2 years ago