About mFoodie

Come and join us for the search of gastronomy. mFoodie established since 2015 had strive to become one of Malaysia's Food Search Engine where one can not just search for food but they can book their table. In mFoodie, we not only brings you with the restaurant details but also provide you wth the food they have and their signatures.

We believe that everyone would like to experience good food and sharing their thoughts towards the restaurants. Our belief had developed into an online community where food lover able to provide comments on the restaurant, and also food.

Our databases includes over 500 restaurants in Klang Valley and aim over 20 thousands restaurant in Malaysia and it is well categorised by food, cuisine, district and more. User not just able to view, find the food they love but at the same time, we offers our community member able to book their table, discounts and more to meet user demand. Our restaurant information in our website will constantly update to provide users with the latest gourmet news and information.